Learn SEO in my way........."SEO in a Day"(Free Ebook)

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  • Introduction
  • Search Marketing is Changing the World
  • Start with a Strategy
    • Figuring Out Your SEO Goals & Search Engine Reach
    • The Right Keywords
    • Behavioral Targeting
    • Keyword Tools
    • Creating a Content Tracking Sheet
  • Choosing a Domain Name
    • Buy a Domain Name at Name.com
    • Choosing a Name for SEO & Branding
  • Setting up Name.com and Rapid Blog
  • Making Wordpress SEO-Friendly
    • Wordpress Crash Course
    • Installing SEO & Other Plugins for Wordpress
    • Wordpress and Plugin Optimizations
    • Wordpress Theme Optimization
    • Section Review
  • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization
    • Blog and Ping
    • Business and Web Directories
    • Get Links Where Your Competitors Have Them
    • Hire an SEO Brand Marketing Specialist
    • Ask for Product, Service and Website Reviews
    • Other Link Building Techniques
  • Closing Note
  • References + Recommendations

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