Make Your Photo Funny And Dazzling With FotoTrix...!

FotoTrix Fun

Looking fun with your own photos or adding some effects or add something that will stylish your photo. So you are only one click away. Lets a brief looking below pictures what we can do with fototrix. There are much more options and much more fun. Creating Fog effect, adding color effect like sepia, adds character, mirror your photo, picture magazine, add comics etc.....So have fun!

Foto Trix

Magzine Cover

Add Character

Fog Effect

Add Comics

Mirror Photo

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Just forget old fashion print screen...(Firefox Addon)

Just forget about print screen button. This awesome Firefox plugin change the way of grabbing pics or making screen shots. You can grab any image or area even background images with only your right click button. So easy and wonderful you can not only save image but even share and edit the image. A variety of useful functions and tools just grab it now.

Just Grab It:
Pixlr Grabber

Learn SEO in my way........."SEO in a Day"(Free Ebook)

A free SEO ebook which include how to Analyze, Optimize, Develop, and Promote your website using search engine marketing best practices. Don't wait and just grab it now....!

  • Introduction
  • Search Marketing is Changing the World
  • Start with a Strategy
    • Figuring Out Your SEO Goals & Search Engine Reach
    • The Right Keywords
    • Behavioral Targeting
    • Keyword Tools
    • Creating a Content Tracking Sheet
  • Choosing a Domain Name
    • Buy a Domain Name at
    • Choosing a Name for SEO & Branding
  • Setting up and Rapid Blog
  • Making Wordpress SEO-Friendly
    • Wordpress Crash Course
    • Installing SEO & Other Plugins for Wordpress
    • Wordpress and Plugin Optimizations
    • Wordpress Theme Optimization
    • Section Review
  • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization
    • Blog and Ping
    • Business and Web Directories
    • Get Links Where Your Competitors Have Them
    • Hire an SEO Brand Marketing Specialist
    • Ask for Product, Service and Website Reviews
    • Other Link Building Techniques
  • Closing Note
  • References + Recommendations

Just Grab It:
SEO in a Day

Freeware lite weight and fast PDF reader(Foxit)

Foxit is Awesome PDF reader with many cool functions. I bet when you use it you will forget adobe acrobat PDF reader. Foxit is light weight, fast, secure and efficient reader. It is also provide a platform, so you can create your own value added capabilities. It is in small size than adobe acrobat reader. Download free and install this utility to enjoy reading and my eBook section books. 
Have fun!

Sytem Requirement:
*Win Xp Or Above.....

Just Grab It:
Foxit PDF Reader

Get rid from Viruses and Hacking....Secure Your Pc!

Very powerful antivirus+firewall+proactive. It can protect your pc all the time and be active soldier to remove the enemies and defend your pc like NEO(matrix). It is free software so no worry to the license key. Comodo internet security installed in my pc and successfully defend my pc. 
Comodo Internet Security

System Requirements:
  • 32-bit Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 350 MB hard disk space

Advanced Features:
  • Install the Antivirus as a standalone
  • Install the Firewall as a standalone
  • Install both Firewall and Antivirus
  • Features

    • Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit & Bot protection
    • Defends your PC from Internet attacks
    • Detects and eliminates viruses
    • Prevents malware from being installed
    • Auto Sandbox Technology™
    • Easy to install, configure and use
    • Free to both business and home users
    • 60 Days of FREE GeekBuddy live remote PC support
Just Grab It:
Comodo Internet Security

Coloring Online With Crayola!

Kids love this is a drawing web app in which not only they can coloring the drawing pages but also print them. Making crafts ideas for kids and play beautiful games. This web also provide material for educators and parents.

System Requirement:
*Installed Flash Player

Just Grab It:
Crayola Coloring Online

AutoFill Forms With One Click.....!

Register here....ok cool.....Join Us......ok fine......Be a Member.....oh no......and so on.....A hectic process when you fill forms with same information again and again. In my case it so hard to fill form when i got the registration to social book marking sites or any submission site to do my blog seo. I love this firefox plugin. Autofill Forms a free firefox addon which make my life easier.

         * Easy configuration with a simple interface.
         * Fills out web forms with one click or a keyboard shortcut.
         * Input fields not automatically matched can be filled out via the context menu.

         * Features a completely customizable ruleset to determine the input for each form element.
         * Provides a simple rule editor to define custom rules.
         * Advanced users can customize the ruleset using JavaScript regular expressions.
         * Works with input fields, textareas, selections, checkboxes, radio buttons and any valid form fields.
         * Allows to use multiline input with line break tags.
         * Allows dynamically created input data using special dynamic tags.
         * Profiles can be used to switch betweeen several sets of rules.
         * Possibility to define site specific profiles and rules.
         * Automatically selects the best matching profile based on the assigned site.
         * Possibility to define a global profile.
         * Profiles can be exported and imported.
         * Provides the possibility to define alternatives inside a profile.
         * Allows to add new rules or complete forms as profiles via the context menu of form fields.
         * Can be used with a toolbar button, a statusbar icon, a keyboard shortcut or via the context menu.
         * Completely customizable interface (buttons, icons and menus can be enabled/disabled).
         * Provides customizable keyboard shortcuts
         * Only active when filling out forms so it doesn't consume any system resources while surfing.
         * Provides secure encryption for the stored form data using Firefox Master Password.
         * Integrates with the Secure Login add-on.

System Requirement:
*Installed Firefox

Just Grab It:
AutoFill Forms

Get Connected with twitter while you browsing with Echofon!

Firefox plugins are useful utilities. Echofon Just Connect with twitter whiles you browsing. Oh that’s not end but very cool features it has. You can even adjust it with your style with its three windows modes. Just post your link whiles you browsing now no need to changing tab.

               -In-Browser Twitter
               -Easiest Way to Post Links
               -Three Window Modes
               -Unread Syncing & iPhone Push
               -Mute users, Hashtags and Clients

System Requirement:
-Installed Firefox

Note: Panel Mode is not available in Firefox 3 on Linux.

Just Grab It:
Echofon for Firefox

Tweak UI (Microsoft Windows Powertoys)

Tweak UI gives you the power to hold the window in your hand. By this tool you have access to the system settings that are not usually in windows default system. This freeware software gives you the access to mouse settings, drives settings, Desktop settings, Auto play Settings and much more. I love this tool. It is very small but very useful utility. Don’t go on its size, it is very powerful.


System Requirement:
Nothing special but Tweak UI Version 2.10 requires Windows XP Service Pack 1 or above / Windows Server 2003. If you have a Windows XP system without any Service Packs installed, download Version 2.00.

Just Grab It:
Version 2.0
Version 2.1.0

Cut Your Mp3 Files Online For Free

Cool Free utility….why are you pay for just cutting the song. Reduce your extra cost and relax your computer to say no to install Mp3 Cutting software, use this utility just for fun.
What it can do for you….Create your favorite song’s ring tones. Oh it is too easy now you are only three processes away,  just upload your song, select the range and press the split/download button.

So why are you now reading and reading "Just Grab It" now and fill your phone with your own ring tones....;-)

Mp3 Cut

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